Space - Where our future lies and mysteries await our arrival.








So what is in this rest stop?

  • A little bit about who I am and my hobbies
  • Items I hope will help folks create their own home on the net
  • A Simple Primer on some of the Basic HTML commands.  Or "How to make a quick web site".
  • Just some MIDI's for now....Hopefully more on music in the future
  • Links to sites on the Middle Ages, my thoughts on current history and more
  • In the future, links and opinions on space exploration


So why would anyone want to take the time to develop a web site?  Well for some it is learning something new, discovering what you can do with each new tool.  Then others want to be able to tell the world how the feel about a certin subject.  Some like me want to pass on a little bit of their experience to keep others from making mistakes they did, and to help someone else with their hobby.


Be can take time to learn it all.  Though with some of the development software out there you can make some very professional looking sites.




There are those who fight battles that make our lives seem calm by compairsion.   Most all fight this battle without a cry for help, without asking for pitty, and with the courage to go on.  All the rest of us can do is give the support asked for, and to help find an end to this disease.  To find an end to AIDS in our lifetime.


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